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Notice: If you have old equipment that may be damaged or obsolete, we can help you recover the value of your equipment through trade-in credit. Please contact your Teledyne LeCroy (quantumdata) account representative for details.

All products returned to Teledyne LeCroy must have a Return Material Authorization Number. After the RMA request is submitted with all required information, an RMA authorization form will be emailed to the requestor to print and ship with the product to be returned.

Please note that submitting an incomplete request will delay the RMA process.

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The model number and serial number can be found on the label on the bottom or back of the product.

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All billable services will require a purchase order as payment for the services. Payment can also be made by major credit card.

Purchase Order Requirements:
  • All purchase orders issued to Teledyne LeCroy must have payment terms of Net 30 days.
  • The purchase order must also state F.O.B. terms as Factory of Origin.
  • The purchase order must be emailed or faxed to Teledyne LeCroy. Fax #: 847-888-2802.
Credit card information can be given to Teledyne LeCroy by calling the service department or customer service at: 847-888-0450. Do not email your credit card information.
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UPS Ground to USA (free for warranty repairs), or
UPS Worldwide Express to outside USA (free for warranty repairs)
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