Quantum Data Service Contracts

Quantum Data is offering service contracts on our full line of video test instruments. The purpose is to provide additional assurance that the products we provide can be easily sent in for servicing when required, without having to generate quotations, additional purchase orders or deal with other administrative issues that might delay a possible repair. Additionally, there is the added advantage of protection from price increases for the term of the contract. While Quantum Data attempts to maintain our pricing, we do have to respond to the increases in component and labor cost that we get from our various suppliers.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. When you purchase your new Quantum Data product, you can add a service contract at that time. This contract will go into effect after your standard warranty expires (One Year, Parts and Labor). You may purchase a two year service contract which extends your repair coverage to three years including our standard warranty for new products. The service contract is assigned by product serial number.
  2. If you purchased your Quantum Data product and it’s still under warranty, you may add a service contract at anytime during the warranty period. The contract price is the same as it is at the time of original product purchase. The repair contract goes into effect when the standard warranty expires.
  3. If your warranty has expired on your Quantum Data product and you wish to purchase a service contract, you will need to:
  13. The Calibration contract can be added on any Quantum Data products, including discontinued products.

Here’s what is provided:

  1. Your product will be covered for all parts and labor for the term of the contract (one year).
  2. Once a contract repair is completed, product shipment costs to return the product to you are covered by Quantum Data unless overnight or expedited shipment is being requested. Importation charges are not covered.
  3. Any service work will include a calibration (separate calibration contracts are available to meet specific in-house conformance and standards requirements).
  4. Calibration Contracts cover only calibration with data that may be required for standardized quality programs. The contract will allow two calibrations a year, maximum. Once a contract calibration is completed, product shipment costs to return the product to you are covered by Quantum Data unless overnight or expedited shipment is being requested. Importation charges are not covered.
  5. Your invoice is your contract. It will state the serial number of the product and the expiration date of the service/calibration contract. We will retain records in our system and will be able to advise you prior to the termination of the contract to determine if you wish to renew. Renewals DO NOT require an inspection and associated fee.

Here’s what is not provided:

  1. The service contract does not cover products damaged by misuse which includes exposure to ESD, high voltage, submersion and environmental conditions outside the products specified range. If a product is submitted where misuse damage is suggested, you will be contacted by our service department and provided a quotation.
  2. The calibration contract allows a maximum of two calibrations with data each year.

Updated on November 10, 2011.

Here’s what it costs:

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Quality Statement

  • 3a. Send the product to our service department. You will be charged a $100.00 inspection fee. If our service department determines that your product is eligible for a service contract with no further work, then you may purchase a one year contract.
  • 3b. If after charging the $100.00 inspection fee our service department determines that your product requires repairs to become eligible for a service contract, we will provide a quotation for the repairs required. You will be billed for the repair charges plus the price of a service contract if you wish to proceed.
  • 3c. Proceeding with a contract provides a free return shipment to the product owner when work is completed. If a contract is not added, the product will be returned to the owner at their expense.

Note: All calibration contracts are to use miscellaneous part number M200.

Untitled Document
Description Misc. Part Number Repair Calibration
802BT M100 $940.00 $350.00
802R-300 M101 $940.00 $350.00
802R-400 M102 $1,005.00 $350.00
881C M103 $940.00 $350.00
881D M104 $940.00 $350.00
881E M105 $940.00 $350.00
882C M106 $1,275.00 $350.00
882D M107 $1,375.00 $350.00
882E M108 $1,275.00 $350.00
882CA M109 $1,425.00 $350.00
882E-HDMI Analyzer M110 $1,475.00 $350.00
882E-DP Analyzer M111 $1,525.00 $350.00
HT-180 M112 $165.00 N/A
701A M114 $420.00 $350.00
780 M115 $405.00 $350.00
980 Gen 2 M116 $1,750.00 N/A
804 M117 $405.00 $350.00
804A M118 $600.00 $350.00
980 Gen 3 M119 $2,250.00 N/A