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Teledyne LeCroy offers two quantumdata test point adapters as auxiliary devices for testing MHL and HDMI HEAC. These are described below.






The MHL standard is designed to connect to smart phones by reusing the existing 5 pin micro-USB connector that many phones have rather than requiring a separate 19 pin HDMI connector. The MHL cable is micro-USB on the source mobile device and HDMI Type A on the other end.

Quantum Data offers a comprehensive suite of test solutions for testing MHL source, sink and and a test point adapter--TPA-MHL2-8R to support MHL compliance testing on MHL 2.0 source, sink and dongle devices.

The TPA-EAC-4R is a Test Point Adapter (TPA) that lets you test the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) and (or) the Audio Return Channel (ARC) features of HDMI 1.4 capable source and (or) sink devices. When used with the 882EA, you can emulate devices that support HEC and ARC functionality. In this case, the 882EA initiates, interacts with, and monitors CEC bus Capability Discovery and Control (CDC) commands and automatically controls the HEC and ARC circuits of the TPA.

Alternatively, you can manually control the TPA-EAC-4R as a standalone device without the 882EA to conduct basic tests of the HEC and ARC circuits in an HDMI 1.4 source and (or) sink device under forced-mode conditions.

Operation is simple. Two dials on the front panel, one for emulating a source to test a sink, and another for emulating a sink to test a source, enable you to set the mode to match your application. The mode settings specify whether the 882EA/TPA-EAC-4R will respond to the device under test through its CEC core or whether the TPA will operate in standalone mode (without the 882EA) without CEC support. For standalone applications, the mode dial settings specify whether you are testing HEC and ARC separately or together and for selecting ARC single mode vs. common mode.

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