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HDCP Compliance Test

Quantum Data introduces an HDCP compliance test solution as an option for its 882-series test instruments. Quantum Data worked closely with Digital Content Protection (DCP) LLC while developing the HDCP test system, the world's first commercially available HDCP compliance test system.

The HDCP compliance test system enables developers of HDMI products to perform a fast and comprehensive HDCP compliance test. Because the 882CA can emulate HDMI HDCP sources, sinks or repeaters, it can perform complete HDCP compliance tests on any source, sink or repeater in any configuration in the HDCP compliance test specification.

Operation is simple. The HDCP compliance tests are initiated through the 882 front panel interface with the press of a few buttons. Once initiated, the tests run continuously until completion without requiring user interaction. When a test series has been completed, the system issues a report that provides detailed pass/fail results for each individual test. In the case of failure, the system provides invaluable troubleshooting information by giving a visual snapshot of the bus traffic on the I2C Auxiliary Control Channel. Reports can be viewed online, transferred over a network or printed.

The HDCP compliance test is offered as an option for the 882CA instruments. It is currently available on new products and as an upgrade for existing 882CA units in the field.

Anomalies corrected in the Release 2.6.1

The HDCP Compliance Test feature is part of the Release 2.6.1. In addition to adding this feature as an option, the following anomalies have been corrected in the release.

  • The Auxiliary Channel Analyzer now supports the 5 volt sense for monitoring the Hot Plug detect.
  • The anomaly associated with the SamsungB image has been corrected. The sliding white box no longer disapears when you turn off the RGB outputs.
  • The problems related to the command used to enable and disable Read EDID (TOGG) has been corrected.
  • The problem related to test sequences has been resolved. A user can no longer escape out of the test sequence menu to change other selections. Therefore a user has to exit out of the test sequence to change formats and interfaces.
  • The asterisk, indicating that an item is selected, now appears in all cases even after a power cycle.
  • The vendor specific data block in the EDID has been updated to include new data for HDMI 1.3 deep color.
  • The DCPG command now requires the DCPU command to activate it.
  • The *RST command has been updated to include all new settings. This enables a user to reset all the settings to the factory default.
  • The ringing and flickering problems on the CVBS output have been eliminated.
  • The 882 now will remove the sync signal when changing interfaces.
  • The horizontal and vertical sync pulse polarity is now set properly with HSPP and VSPP on the DVI output.
  • The anomalies that were occurring on the TVBar images at high resolution formats have been removed.
  • The ACA would occasionally hang when trying to connect to an 882 a second time. This problem has been corrected.
  • The problem of the 882 occasionally hanging when browsing the file system or scrolling through formats has been corrected.

NOTE: When running the HDCP compliance test on a sink (display) you must disable the ReadEDID function. You disable the ReadEDID function with the SINK->OPTION menu through the front panel. Ensure that there is a '+' in front of the ReadEDID menu item.