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980 Protocol Analyzer for HDMI

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Quantum Data HDMI 2.0 Support

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Understanding the 980 Encrypted Link Analyzer

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Network Connections for 980 Protocol Analyzer

General HDMI

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Quantum Data HDMI 2.0 Compliance Test Coverage

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HDMI 1.4b Compliance Test coverage of Quantum Data Instruments

Implementing AVMUTE on HDMI Sources

780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI

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780 EDID Loading, Saving, Security


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Using Custom Video Format XML Files

Converting 802 Images for use on 881/882

Converting 802 Formats for use on 881/882

About the Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA)

882E-A and 882CA Analyzer Measurement Specifications

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FTP Browser: Saving snapshots to the CompactFlash card

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Why do I get Error 2071 when I change Formats?

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Testing Composite Displays with 802BT/802R

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How to Make HT-180 Work on a Vista PC

HT-180 Can't Connect: USB Power Considerations

Converting 802 Formats for use on 881/882

If you have custom video formats for the 802 series video generators, you can easily convert them for use on the 880 series. Here's the procedure:

  1. Launch VGM 4.0.
  2. Open the 802 format you want to convert to 882 format.
  3. Save the format in .CMD file type.
  4. Open the .CMD file in a text editor such as Notepad, change the NBPC parameter from 1 to 0, and save the file.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for all formats you want to convert to 882 format.
  6. Connect to the 882's command line interface and change the format path to /tffs0/library/userdata by entering the following command. The default path is /tffs0/library/formats if you want to change it back later.
    FMTP /tffs0/library/userdata
  7. Copy and paste the contents of each .CMD file to the serial communications program window (you can also send the text file to the generator if the serial communications program supports this). The XML format files will be created in /tffs0/library/userdata/.
  8. Enable User Formats:
    • Press Source -> Options until you see Library
    • Press Library
    • Scroll down
    • Put a + next to User.
  9. Press Source and the custom formats will be shown at the bottom of the list.