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 HDMI 1.4a 3D Test Tools

HDMI 1.4a 3D Test Tools

Download our 88x 3D Application Note

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3D Bitmap Conversion Tool

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HDMI 1.4a 3D Capabilities of Quantum Data Video Test Instruments

Updated on June 28, 2010.
  • 3D Support for 882/881 Video Test Generators for HDMI
    • The current firmware release for 882/881 Video Test Generators for HDMI includes 3D test image generation with the structures of Frame Packing, Line Alternative, Side-By-Side Full, Side-By-Side Half, Top & Bottom, and L+Depth.

      The 882/881 will also generate the proper Vendor-Specific Infoframe to indicate the current 3D format and structure.

      The 882/881 3D capabilities rely on the use of pre-made bitmap images that contain the proper frame structure. So for example, a Frame Packing enabled bitmap will have the left-eye field at the top of the image, the right-eye field at the bottom, and some blank lines between the fields. We have a free software tool that allows you to create 3D test images from your own left-eye/right-eye image sets. This tool, along with a set of sample source images, is available at the 3D Bitmap Conversion Tool link at the left.

      We also have a variety of sample 3D bitmaps that you can download. See the Sample 3D Bitmaps link on the left.

      Download our 88x 3D Application Note for full details.

  • 3D Support for 980 Protocol Analyzer for HDMI
    • The 980 Protocol Analyzer for HDMI can analyze 3D video formats as well as parse the vendor-specific infoframe to validate the 3D fields. For details on the 980, refer to our 980 product page.

  • 3D Support for 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI